Asia Joe 1960s Waikiki, HI

Asia Joe 1960s Waikiki, HI

Uncle Joe’s store was in the International Marketplace – the heart of Waikiki. Sadly, progress and time caught up with the marketplace a few years ago and a new version is in the works. I doubt Asia Joe would recognize Waikiki today!

Asia Joe store in the International Marketplace – logo circa 1960’s Waikiki Beach, HI Hawaii

2 thoughts on “Asia Joe 1960s Waikiki, HI

  1. I am his Eldest Granddaughter and found this diamond in the rough article. Oh how I cherish the time I had with he and my Nanai. Photos, stories, clippings of him would be fabulous.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

    With Gratitude,
    Kimberly ~

    • Hi Kimberly…so glad you found our website and I do have some other things in “the archives”…that image came off of a carefully scanned Asia Joe plastic bag – so old it fell apart and had to be digitally repaired. Do you remember the yellow shirts? Thanks for dropping by, if you have anything at all to share, feel free. He was an interesting man who led quite a life. Tom

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