Hawaii Condo Vacation Rental by Owners

Hawaii Condo Rates & Reservations

Do you have questions about renting our Hawaii Condo? Beachwood Hawaii Condo is near Pahala and Naalehu, Hawaii and walking distance from the beautiful

Hawaii Condo

Beautiful grounds and Polynesian style architecture are just part of the charm you’ll find in our cozy condo community

black sand beach at Punalu’u County Beach Park.  Located on the southeast coast of Hawaii island, we were unaffected by the Puna volcanic eruption and have always been blessed with clear skies and, thanks to Hawaii’s tradewinds, some of the clearest, most vog-free air on the island.

Long before we had a Hawaii condo to call our own home in Hawaii, our immediate and extended family had been enjoying the Hawaiian life since the early 1940s. I grew up in Pennsylvania hearing about the magic of the Islands and these pictures tell part of the story.

Get to know us and get in touch. We are happy to talk and answer questions on our Hawaii Vacation condo.

All bookings are now handled through Airbnb at this link.

Hawaii Condo Rental Options

Our Big Island Hawaii vacation rental condo (within

Hawaii Condo

Walk from the condo to the stunning and world famous black sand beach at Punalu’u County Beach Park.

walking distance of Punalu’u Beach!) is our second vacation rental; the other is in Pennsylvania. We are highly rated members of the Airbnb community – visit our pages on these sites by clicking on the links.

Renting either Beechwood Cottage in Ligonier, PA or Beachwood Hawaii Condo near Pahala, HI, is easy and we welcome your inquiry.

Vacation Rental near Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, Pahala, HI – Beachwood Hawaii Condo!

Recently there have been many changes to short term rental laws on the Big Island with County Bill 108. Please know our vacation rental has always been, and will continue to be, a completely legal vacation rental property. We are in full compliance with all county and state regulations. There is no danger of us being asked or required to cancel anyone’s reservation due to changes in the law. We are located in a residential zoned property and short term rentals for vacation use are a legal use of our complex. If you wish to check on our compliance you may contact the state of Hawaii. Our State of Hawaii Transient Accommodations Tax License number is TA-027-895-8080-01

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