Ka’u Hawaii

Why do we love Hawaii? There more reasons than stars in night Ka’u sky! But, as much as WE love the Hawaii life, it’s always nice to get “independent” verification that life in Hawaii IS actually better for you! Come and see for yourself after you read this article on living on the Big Island Hawaii from Huffington Post.

Here are 22 terrific Hawaii travel tips for the first time visitor – although most of our guests have been Hawaii veterans who know how to seek out and find the places off the main path that most others miss on their first one or three, or ahem, ten, trips. Learn more about the Ka’u District. 

You’ll see visitor coupon magazines all over the place when you get to Hawaii…you can take a sneak peek at some Big Island promotions here (click and a new page will open). Here’s a site with tips on visiting the Big Island.

The Ka’u Calendar has a daily Ka’u blog that is a great resource and be sure to pickup one of the free Ka’u Calendar newspapers when you are in the area – or read it online here.

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